Ashiana is a non-profit organization formed to provide healthcare and educational services to underprivileged children of Pakistan. Basic activities of Ashiana NGO include:

  • Provision of Healthcare Facilities
  • Provision of Rural Women and Child Nutrition Programs
  • Provision of Educational Facilities
  • Provision of Education for Rural Children
  • Provision of Vocational Training Programs
  • Provision of Computer and Technical Training Programs
  • Provision of Sustainable Development for Rural Area of Pakistan
  • Provision of Sustainable Development for Rural Women and Girl

Healthcare facilities are offered in the form of hospitals, family maternity centers and child health centers. Moreover, educational facilities are provided via formal and informal educational centers. Certain vocational training centers offer complete vocational training & educate the young poor children regarding the basics of IT.

Who we are?

The foundation stone of Ashiana NGO was laid years back in December, 2002 when it was initiated by a group of volunteers who foresighted a revolutionized life for the needy children by covering the miles between their education and health. Since then the epidemic growth of Ashiana NGO is dynamic owing to its convergence from a group of volunteers to huge network of education and health. This network extends its roots from Kot Addu to many other cities of Pakistan, as well as the mountainous areas of Kashmir. The sole purpose of this South to north extended network of Ashiana NGO is to bring education and health to every doorstep of remote as well as populous areas of Pakistan.

Ashiana NGO aims to enlighten the lives of poor children by raising awareness through literary programs and educating them upon hygienic health practices. Ashiana NGO denies the fact that the future of Pakistan’s youth begins with begging on the street, and dying on a footpath due to poor health condition. Ashiana NGO revives the future of youth by keeping their main focus on the health and educational training of impoverished children of Pakistan. We are constantly working for the survival of youth in the current tough economy, by giving them what they deserve. Education and sound health are the right of every individual, and we are striving to give them their rights.

The healthcare provisions of Ashiana NGO are not only confined to health care hubs but the Ashiana NGO is also running two hospitals to ensure a healthy lifestyle to the poor communities of Pakistan. Our hospitals include preventive as well as curative practices for a development of a healthy Pakistan. Ashiana NGO collaborates with renowned organizations such as Center for Disease Control (CDC), UNICEF and WHO to conduct research programs on topics such as access to the safe water, hand washing, polio as well as tuberculosis vaccinations and safe injections.

Do your bit by taking part in this welfare affair, and drag out the youth of Pakistan from the darkness of illiteracy and unhealthy practices. Ashiana NGO is handling huge financial implications for the betterment of the future of Pakistan; hence every penny you donate will count! Make your donation to eradicate street poverty from our country as every child begging at the traffic signal was not destined to born poor.

Our Vision:

Development of an educated and sound Pakistan without any discrimination of the rights of children and women. Rehabilitation for the Poor and Neglected Communities of Pakistan. 

Mission Statement:

To develop a society having individuals with sound body and sound mind by giving them complete access to basic health and educational facilities.